At an Activist Hipster Party that my Activist Hipster Roommate is having, out in the backyard, talking to an Activist Hipster. The subject is television. My guitarist is with me, and he’s looking half uncomforable, half annoyed, and half amused: He hates talking about television, although he loves talking about music. Go figure. The subject is Netflix. “Yeah, brah”–he does not actually talk like Jeff Spicoli, but let’s pretend he does–“it’s like totally gnarly, yah, but, like, I don’t actually pay for it, ha ha ha, like no one I know pays for it. That’s totally bogus. You just, like, use a friend’s, or whatever?”

“Well,” I say, “I actually was thinking about it and I’ve actually been a member since–shit, 2005. I was a senior, I had a lot of free time, and it was awesome, I loved it when it started streaming, I’ve only had a problem once or twice and the customer service has always resolved it really quickly, the quality of the service is excellent–far as I’ve been concerned they’ve earned my business.”

You should have seen the stinkeye he gave me!


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