21 – I have beaten Wizardry 6

Unlike most games, Wizardry 6 has left me with several souvenirs. This is the main one:

Two boxes of colored pencils and about 85 sheets of graph paper died to make this map.

Two boxes of colored pencils and about 85 sheets of graph paper died to make this map.

The other thing that the game left behind is a clear file, used for importing into Wizardry 7. I’m a little plebe of a console gamer; clear files are somewhat new to me. The only series I’ve tracked a character through has been Mass Effect, and god damn did I love shepherding Shepard and his crew across the galaxy. One of the biggest complaints about the series was that many people felt their favorite characters didn’t get enough of a resolution. What do you expect–you put a bunch of human faces on the galaxy and make me love every single one of them, I’m going to want every one of them to get happy endings. We want our loved ones to die peaceful in their beds after having lived a long and fulfilling life.

I mentioned I spent a few minutes with the character creator in 6, attempted to play, and found myself lost and disgusted only to return hooked the next day. In between, I gave 7, with a new party, a brief try. Wizardry 6 has three separate endings, each of which determines your starting position and introduction to Wizardry 7; a fourth beginning is available for completely new players, so I’ve seen that.

Well, there are six characters in my party. Three are godlike: Frunk’s an evasive tank, Drudie’s got every spellbook with points in the hundreds, and Urghula does insta-kill crits every two or three attacks. The other three…Yagharek has high defense but no real attacking strength, Belinda’s initial usefulness as a Bard began to wane and she’s now a weak spellcaster, and Gurgur started off as a thief in a series where that’s one of the least useful classes.

But Wizardry 7 will be a fresh start for them! They’ll be on a completely new planet, with a completely new quest. They could be anything. Gurgur could become a Psion. Yagharek could become a Lord. Belinda could stop dying every five minutes.

I don’t think I feel like waiting. I think I’m going to start it right away.


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