24 – The Richard Goodness Trilogy

philome.la is a new Twine hosting service for faggots, lezzies, cocksuckers, rug munchers–I’m sorry, I mean “queers”. Many people don’t know this, but I have programmed and coded a Trilogy of Twine Videogames because, as a queer, my story is worth being told.

The three videogames are as follows:


1) Richard Goodness’s Autobiography: A Videogame

2) Richard Goodness Gets Fucked Up: A Romance

3) The Passion of Richard Goodness: A Confessional Narrative


Because the experience was so difficult–I cried the first time I realized that in the world was a videogame starring ME–I may or may not program more Twine videogames in the future. I will see.¬†Since philome just appears to be a bare bones hoster and doesn’t seem to have a main directory of games, this will be the main page for the Trilogy. I hope you enjoy these powerful, personal pieces.


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