26 – Male Experience Simulator

When Gus Van Sant remade the classic Hitchcock Film “Psycho” and was asked why he dared to do a shot-for-shot remake of such a classic film–a process which was almost guaranteed to bomb, and the film did–he reportedly answered, “That way no one else can.”

In that spirit, please enjoy Male Experience Simulator, my response to Alyson McDonald’s Female Experience Simulator.



3 thoughts on “26 – Male Experience Simulator

    • I’m on my phone and having a hell of a time typing up a response. At its core, think of my game as a Twine game made by one of the men in McDonald’s piece, but I’m wondering if a little more detailed critique of hers is necessary–my game is more of an “artistic response” than a critical reaction, and maybe detailing why, exactly, I have problems with hers is necessary. Gimme a little bit–I wanna retweet the game, and be at a computer where I can directly refer to it. Thanks for playing it though!

      • Okay, so you’re coming at it from an ironic angle, kinda looking to critique WES from within its own narrative range?

        I think there’s scope for that; I have some issues with WES’ execution too though I also think it’s not a game without value. For me the obvious problem with ironically representing something in the way you have here strikes me as essentially reinforcing the same attitudes WES is clumsily trying to critique, which I wouldn’t parse as progressive or critical. It does function as trololol which may be what you’re going for, but I’ve never been too down with upset for upsets’ sake myself. (Welcome to the Shaun Experience Simulator!)

        I guess I should wait and see what your longer response looks like but I’m off on hols to an internet dead zone for a while so may or may not see / respond to your later comment for a while. :)

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