33 – Sam and Leo Go To The Bodega

After weeks of writing, rewriting, and murdering 4,000 words that were, quite simply, inferior, Sam and Leo Go To The Bodega has been released as part of the annual InteractIve Fiction competition! All competition entries can be viewed here http://ifcomp.org/comp13/info.php  , and if you’re just looking for the boys, you can find them here: http://ifcomp.org/comp13/play.php?id=285

Because of competition rules I will wait to say anything about the game until after the voting period. Please play and enjoy all of the games if you can!


3 thoughts on “33 – Sam and Leo Go To The Bodega

    • Oh ho ho that’s one of the Mysteries of Sam and Leo ;)

      No seriously he’s super unimportant in the grand scheme of things–he’s just “random roommate that they’re living with”. There was a scene that made it clearer but I needed to introduce Benny (who you will see again some day) and so that was part of the cut scenes.

      Thanks for playing it!

  1. Hi – er, I’ve been lurking here a while, since Second Quest stopped. I can’t talk the talk of games crit, but I really enjoyed Sam and Leo :)

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