49 – Fear of Twine

Fear of Twine is now in full swing! Come by and enjoy the following games:

Room 1

Room 2

Room 3

Room 4

From the beginning I wanted to set up a tip jar, to be split among everyone who submitted a game or otherwise worked on the exhibition, and I’m putting together a small exhibition guide as a little bonus to anyone who tips. I’ve set up a GoFundMe page, but I did not realize that GFM doesn’t accept payments of less than $5. (I’m also a little leery of the term “donation” in this case–these are artists, not charities!) So I’m selling the exhibition guide on Gumroad as kind of a workaround for that. Consider “the tip jar” to be both of those–hit up Gumroad if you’re looking to give a buck, GFM if you’re looking to give a little more. Both will end up going to the same place.

Some acknowledgements–Anthony Murray designed the promotional materials. CSS for the website was done by PaperBlurt and Jonas Kyratzes. Website assistance was done by Eric Brasure.

I hope you have fun with Fear of Twine!


2 thoughts on “49 – Fear of Twine

  1. Any chance on getting the original .TWS files when the project is over? I’m trying to use it for educational purposes as a lecture substitute. I’d like to see how some of these were made to see if I can adapt the techniques for my use. Thanks!

    • I can’t really speak for the other authors–I figure that’s something on a case-by-case basis. I think contact info is on everyone’s twines, but let me know if there’s anyone you need help getting in touch with.

      As for me, I personally prefer to keep my general source code private–largely as a way to avoid spoilers and stuff–but if you have any particular questions about anything in TWEEZER I would be happy to attempt to answer. My email should be on this site somewhere…

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