55 – Fear of Twine is Over; Announcing Zest

Welp, it was a lot of fun for everyone, but Fear of Twine is now over. I’d like to thank everyone who came, who participated, and who wrote about it.

The exhibition contained the following works. I’ve included links for ones which have been rehosted.

If you’d like to show your appreciation for the authors, you can do so at the GoFundMe page.

Here’s links to some pieces about the exhibition–if I missed yours, let me know.




Pieces by Fear of Twine participants


In the meantime, I’d like to take the opportunity to announce that I’m working on a new Twine called Zest. The game is going to be about the life of a lemonade stand worker living in Sufferette City. More accurately it is a life simulator! I will be updating you folks here and on my twitter (@richardgoodness) as progress happens. More importantly, I’d like to introduce the ZesTeam (we’re still working on the name); PaperBlurt is going to be handling the CSS again like he did on TWEEZER; if you haven’t played any of his games, I highly recommend his recent Ludum Dare entry The Sadness of Rocky Barbato. Meanwhile, lectronice, whose recent (do not) forget has kicked my ass–I’m not quite sure how he’s done half of what he’s done there–is going to be handling the programming and organizational stuff. And I’ll be on writing and design. So look forward to it!

In terms of length, I’m going for a similar density as TWEEZER–an individual session of the game will take maybe five minutes, but by design, the player will only be able to see a portion of events each round. I’m aiming to design a short game that can played four or five times and still give the sense of undiscovered events.

Anyway, again, thanks to everyone who enjoyed Fear of Twine, and I hope to do another similar event sometime soon!

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