66 – Dysthymia


Writing Zest is a little bit of a struggle, so to kind of recharge the batteries, I wrote a new game. It’s called Dysthymia. Using a computer is recommended–it does not play at all well with mobile browsers.

Dysthymia is intended to be a continuous, uninterrupted artistic experience. It contains no save state. Please set aside 40 seconds to play through the game, as well as an hour for quiet contemplation afterwards. Turning the lights off and wearing earplugs are also recommended, as is having a degree in comparative literature.


3 thoughts on “66 – Dysthymia

  1. Hello Richard,

    I’m not quite sure if you’ll remember me, but you used to be my editor at AllRPG.com many years ago. My online handle at the time was Dark Saint. Please excuse me for writing this here, but I’m unfamiliar with WordPress.

    Anyhow, I just wished to catch up a bit, if you’re not terribly busy. I included my email above. Perhaps, if anything, you’ll find it intriguing to know that even to this day I still listen to Ani DiFranco. So thank you, for her and for expanding my humble knowledge about writing.

    Best regards,


    • hey dude, apparently I didn’t notice this comment for months. Of course I remember you. I’m glad to hear from you :) What have you been up to? Still writing? Those days were fun.

      • Fun times indeed! So many fond memories. I’m glad you remember me. Nowadays what I learned from writing has come in handy for writing essays, making documents look appropriately professional, and helping family and friends with stuff they write up that they need to be well written, or at least just better.

        As for what I’ve been up to, I became a physician and am currently doing my residency training in Internal Medicine in Orlando, about to complete my first year in June. More exciting still, I’m actually getting married this weekend! On April 18th, to be exact. Interesting times, but really things are going well.

        I still keep an interest in RPGs, and in fact played FFXI all through medical school to my parents’ utter disapproval, and now play FFXIV casually. When I have more time, I plan to indulge myself and play a bunch of classics.

        How about you? How’ve you been? What have you been up to? Still listen to Ani DiFranco or did you unknowingly pass that torch to me? Sorry for the long reply, chief.

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