TOMBs of Reschette3zqDyrvA

Created for the 21st annual Interactive Fiction competition with additional CSS by PaperBlurt and images by Alex Whitington


Hello, young adventurer! If you’re looking for the finest treasure, monster, and exploration experience around, why not come on down to the TOMBs of Reschette!

–Earn XP, Dubloons, and Gems, like any good adventurer!

–Solve the mysteries in the Crypt of Mysteries!

–Learn the tragic story of Vanity’s Dowager!

–Slay various monsters…and eat them!

–Kick back in the library with a good book!

Be careful, young adventurer! The TOMBs are a dangerous place and you have no idea what kind of horrible deaths could lie in store for you!


Created for the 20th annual Interactive Fiction competition with programming by lectroniceand CSS/graphics by PaperBlurt.

Of the Twine games, Depression Quest is of course the most infamous, but if it’s a bit on-the-nose for you, try Richard Goodness’ Zest – an acidic game about the days just grinding past, day after day after day, broken only by occasional bursts of frustration, drugs and futility.

–Richard Cobbett, PCGamer

In any case, Zest gives a simulation from which there are assorted narrative escapes, as well the possibility of choosing to live your life in very different ways — and not always because you’ve worked hard and earned something better through horrible grinding, but because a window opened when you didn’t even expect it — gave the game a sense of the possibility of unearned grace.

–Emily Short

Hello young limonista!

It’s the hottest week of the year, and ordinarily this would be a problem! But you work at the most popular lemonadery in Sufferette City, and the citizens depend on you to keep cool!



What is surprising about TWEEZER isn’t how much work has gone into its visual presentation nor that it is silly fun. What I find surprising is how complex TWEEZER is….It’s important to understand that TWEEZER is a parody of RPGs…which pokes at fantasy tropes with love not snark. It’s not about winning, it’s about exploring and finding things. If you find a death ending, high fives all round, because you, Boss, just discovered something.

–Joel Goodwin, Electron Dance

With CSS by PaperBlurt.

Congratulations! Your essay, “15 Reasons Why I Want To Go To Tuisere” has won Triptacular Magazine’s “Let’s Send You To Tuisere!” contest! Meet centaurs, haints, dryads, and other creatures! Explore King Callegnam’s Ruins, the Forest of Mystery, and at least two other locations! Can you solve the mystery of Tuisere, or will you just ruin it like any other tourist?


The Richard Goodness Trilogy: Special HD Edition

There are more than a few reason you should play through those three bundled choose-your-own-adventure things, though the main one has to be that Richard Goodness Gets F*cked Up: A Romance made me laugh. Hard.

–Konstantinos Dimopoulos,

Everyone knows that the power of Twine is in personal and phenomenal autobiographies. Learn all about my life, including my relationship with my mother Samantha C and my engineer father who died. Amen.


Does The Sneaker Have To Matter

There’s always a man. There’s always a city. There’s always bullshit. In 2013, the Orson Welles of Videogames created the finest videogame ever made. This is a tribute to his sensitive genius.

This work contains no spoilers for Bioshock Infinite but will likely make no goddamn sense if you haven’t played it. It will definitely make no goddamn sense if you have.


Sam And Leo Go To The Bodega

One day, Sam Dellaria and Leo Akane dropped acid and went to a bodega. This is their story.

Created for the 19th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition.

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