48 – Getting Ready for Fear of Twine


It is ONE WEEK until Fear of Twine!

As it turns out, running an online exhibition is a shitload of work, and I am having the time of my life doing so. There’s no way of saying this without sounding hopelessly cheesy, so I’m just gonna forge through–I’m getting to know and work with some really awesome people, I’m playing through a bunch of really amazing Twines, and I’m finding out that that, at least in the parts of Brooklyn that I hang out in, telling people, “Yeah, I’m running a text game exhibition” makes them think that you are super cool.

So as of right now, the exhibition is going to contain the following works:

(If you’re supposed to be on this list, and you’re not, please let me know–I might have gotten something lost in the shuffle! If I’ve spelled your name wrong or screwed up your website, I am sorry about that too! [Hello, this is Richard from 20 minutes later, I have apparently done both several times and I apologize to anyone who was affected by my error!])

Right? Doesn’t that sound AWESOME? Let me tell you, I’ve played most of these at this point, and I think I can safely say that there is genuinely going to be something for everyone in this exhibition. We’ve got games, we’ve got essays, we’ve got fiction, we’ve got experiments, we’ve got jokes, we’ve got weird “multimedia presentations”, we’ve got personal, we’ve got political, we’ve got science fiction, we’ve got fantasy, we’ve got realistic fiction, we’ve got horror, we’ve got poetry–seriously, folks, I think you’re in for a treat.

So starting February 14th (ValenTwine’s Day? No. That’s a terrible idea), you’ll be able to go on fearoftwine.com and play any and, hopefully all of them!

The image at the top of this post was designed by Anthony Murray–so thanks very much!–and if you are at IndieCade East next weekend, say hello and I will hand you a little business card based on that design!

Okay, now back to more debugging.