42 – Release: The Richard Goodness Trilogy Special HD Edition

In 2013, I released the landmark personal twine works that comprised The Richard Goodness Trilogy. In the roughly six months since I released these games, I’ve learned a lot about how to write better Twines and have made some great works such as Sam And Leo Go To The BodegaPlayer Torture SimulatorTwinal Fantasy, and Does The Sneaker Have To Matter.

But my heart was still with myself and my own story, so I’ve decided that it’s time that I give the world my true face for the world to see my true face: My own, true face, for the world, to see.

Please enjoy this glimpse into my psyche!


39 – Release: Player Torture Simulator

My new Twine is called Player Torture Simulator. It contains strong language, magenta text, and satire, which is for the bourgeois.

The narrative voice is partially based on Eric Brasure‘s impression of Steve Buscemi. If you ever meet the former, ask him to do it because it’s hilarious; if you ever meet the latter, get his autograph.